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Our team will provide you with a professional and detailed Bill of Costs within ten working days. Our experience and attention to detail will ensure that we claim all costs that you are entitled to claim supported by your files and relevant costs law.

We have Sterling Costs Lawyers that specialise in all areas of legal costs and your Bills of Costs can be prepared by an expert in any of the following areas :-
•Personal Injury
•Clinical Negligence
•Family / Care
•Mental Health
•Judicial Review
•Court of Protection

Contact our Costs Lawyers today for further information on how Sterling Costs can help fulfil your Bill of Costs requirements. Telephone our Head Office on 01925 909360 or email

Read more about the services we offer:
•Preparation of Bills
•Costs Budgeting
•Costs Negotiation
•LAA Claim Forms
•Solicitor and Own Client Matters