LAA Claim Forms

LAA Claim Forms

Our team will prepare your Claim for Costs to be submitted to the Legal Aid Agency for Assessment and payment, or your publicly funded Bill of Costs for Assessment by the Court.  Following which we will finalise the Bill and prepare the relevant Certificate for Sealing together with the Claim for Payment to be submitted to the Legal Aid Agency.

With all of the above, we can advise you in respect of maximising your costs and prepare the relevant Assessment Bundle to ensure a smooth passage and speedy payment from the Legal Aid Agency.

In addition to preparing the Claim1/Claim1A and assessment bundles for submission to the Legal Aid Agency, we can submit these directly in either paper form or via CCMS. The ability to submit via CCMS would require us to be provided with login details. We provide our details as the point of contact to liase with the LAA should any queries arise in order to alleviate the Solicitor of any minor issues which can be easily rectified. We can also prepare and submit APP11s to discharge certificates where necessary so as to speed up the claiming process.

Client and Costs Management System  – With the introduction of the CCMS which will be partially mandatory from February 2016, Sterling will be able to continue with the submission aspect of the billing process subject to being provided access to your CCMS account.

In respect of High Cost Cases we can prepare your VHCC Plan (previously known as an Events Plan) or where appropriate, a fully costed Case Plan. Both the VHCC and the Case Plan require checks and updates which we can do on a regular basis and at short notice. Following the conclusion of a case, or of an individual Stage of a Case Plan, we can then prepare the Claims for Assessment and Payment by the Legal Aid Agency.

Contact our Cost Lawyer today for further information on how Sterling Costs can help you with LAA Claim forms. Telephone our Head Office on 01925 909360 or email