Costs Negotiation

Costs Negotiation

We have vast experience in conducting negotiations on behalf of both the Receiving Party and Paying Party.  Our clients include Solicitors, Local Authorities, Insurers and Litigants in Person.  We have a proactive approach and will provide you with regular advice and updates.  We will settle your cases expeditiously and efficiently and guarantee to provide you with consistently impressive results.

Receiving Party

We can provide a complete cradle to grave service or take over once negotiations have broken down.  Should your opponent serve Points of Dispute we will review, advise and provide detailed Replies should they be required.

Paying Party

We will review the costs presented by your opponent and reduce your costs exposure by ensuring that they are not claiming unrecoverable or excessive costs.  Should costs not be agreed by initial negotiations we will prepare and serve detailed Points of Dispute.

As we have many years of experience we are able to advise you in detail from the outset with realistic timescales and settlement figures.

Contact our Costs Lawyer today for further information on how Sterling Costs can help you with Costs Negotiation. Telephone our Head Office on 01925 909360 or email