Solicitor and Own Client Matters

It is sometimes the case that, despite a Solicitor’s best efforts to provide a good service to his client, to act professionally and to provide all the relevant costs information required by Rule 2.03 of the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct, a Solicitor’s client is dissatisfied with his final bill when it is presented to him.  He may feel that he has not been updated at regular intervals throughout the lifetime of his case, or that he was not fully informed at the start as to the way in which costs are incurred and the manner in which the case was to be funded.

Whatever the reason the client is dissatisfied – and it may simply be that he has failed to fully appreciate the amount of work required to run his case or, indeed, has not fully considered updates when they have been provided to him – we are experienced in dealing with Solicitor and own client matters which fall to be assessed under the Solicitors’ Act 1974.  We can provide a detailed breakdown of the costs incurred, advise in respect of the enforceability of Solicitor/client retainers and in respect of funding arrangements generally.  We can also undertake negotiations on your behalf, prepare Replies to Points of Dispute and deal with the entire Assessment process up to, and including, the Assessment hearing itself.  Lastly, should the need arise, we are able to advise upon and deal with any allegations of professional negligence and assist in alternative dispute resolution.

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