Costs Lawyers Services

Our Costs Lawyers provide the following Services

Preparation of Bills

At Sterling Costs our Costs Lawyers and Law Costs Draftsmen can provide you with a professional and detailed Bill of Costs, itemising all relevant and necessary expenses.

As professional Draftsmen we will complete your Bill of Costs as a matter of urgency as we are always aware that unnecessary delays have an impact on your cash flow.

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Costs Budgeting Services

You may not find costs budgeting to be the most enjoyable part of your work and it may be difficult to find the time to complete it accurately. Whilst it is a time consuming task, it is also a necessary one. Sterling Costs provide an expert costs budgeting service to save you the time on completing this task yourself.

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Costs Negotiation Services

At Sterling Costs we offer expert negotiation services for both the Receiving Party and the Paying Party. Our team of Legal Costs Negotiators will settle your cases quickly and efficiently achieving consistently impressive results. In addition, our invoice does not become payable until you have received payment.

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Solicitor and Own Client Matters

The Costs Lawyers at Sterling Costs are experts in everything to do with legal costs, negotiations and advocacy. These professionals are therefore an excellent choice for a range of services relating to costs of solicitor and own client matters.

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LAA Claims Forms

If you have costs which you believe should be publicly funded Sterling Costs can offer assistance with LAA claims forms if appropriate.

Our expert Costs Lawyers understand the principles and guidelines of when and how LAA forms can be submitted and will be able to offer you the advice you need to complete the appropriate form for the correct situation.

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Advocacy Services

Sterling Costs have qualified Costs Lawyers who can provide professional Advocacy services in a wide range of situations, anywhere in the country that you may require them.

Our Costs Lawyers have extensive knowledge of all legal and specialist aspects of costs and when combined with their excellent advocacy skills they will be effective in working to achieve a satisfactory resolution for you.

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