Proclaim Case Management Software

Proclaim Case Management Software


Sterling Costs are pleased to announce the installation and integration of Proclaim Case Management software into our IT system.

Our decision to invest in Proclaim was prompted by some of our clients’ desire to have a Case Management program compatible with their own thus enabling a straightforward, convenient and cost efficient method of transferring their billing data via a broadband link.

We believe that this decision will enhance our service, not only to our existing clientele but also to those firms seeking to instruct their costs draftsmen “by the press of a button” thus eliminating the often time consuming work involved in the physical transfer of each full case file.

We further believe that we can now provide unrivalled flexibility in terms of the provision of our services by sharing data and reports with no manual intervention.

  • Flexible bespoke reporting
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Less delays in cost recovery
  • Clients are able to view the progress of their files by secure web
  • Safer transfer of data
  • Enhanced accuracy due to receiving your entire data file

Should you like any further information and/or details of our services or sending files via Proclaim then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01925 909360.