Don’t be fooled on the 1st of April

Don’t be fooled on the 1st of April

Following my attendance at Monday’s Association of Costs Lawyers Legal Aid Group Seminar I wish I could say in the words of Florence (of ‘and the Machine’ notoriety) the dark days are over; unfortunately they are not.

Turmoil is all around, although after a very good seminar from an LAA Finance speaker, I am a little more optimistic regarding the mandatory use of CCMS from 1 April 2016. Yes, I know its April fool’s day but here’s hoping!

The LAA are currently working their way through a list of enhancements to the system which will continue well into the next quarter and beyond.

In the meantime if you are having any problems with the electronic system and are looking to report them to the LAA Case Workers they require the following details to assist them in finding and hopefully resolving the issue:-

  • User name you are logged in under
  • Date
  • Time
  • What you believe the fault to be

If you are continuing to have problems with CCMS, Sterling Clients can advise me of the issues and I will be happy to report these to my designated LAA contact. He will be more than capable of requesting his relevant colleagues at the LAA to resolve the issue/report when it can be expected to be resolved and provide any help you require during resolution of the issue.

You can also request an ex gratia payment in respect of wasted time you have spent dealing with CCMS; you will not successfully recover the additional time within your claim for payment of your client’s costs because this of course would affect your client should the Statutory Charge be applicable.

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