Law costs draftsman Family Fixed Fees

Published November 14, 2011 by

With the introduction of Family Fixed Fees into Family Proceedings and the recent reduction in Legal Aid rates it is essential for Law costs draftsman and Solicitors to accurately record all time spent working on a file in order to maximise the prospects of escaping the fixed fees and recovering their costs in full. The type of things which are often under-recorded are the time spent preparing file notes and attendance notes, perusing lengthy reports and statements, preparation of long letters, considering Court Orders and noting amendments to public funding certificates.

 As preparation for Court hearings is included in the Advocacy Fee, it is also important to differentiate between time spent preparing specifically for the hearing and time spent preparing the case.

It is also essential to ensure that the FAS Family Advocacy Attendance Forms are sealed by the Court; otherwise the LSC will only pay the Unit 1 Fee for a hearing not exceeding 1 hour resulting in potentially a substantial loss in the fees recovered. Law costs draftsman Family Fixed Fees